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Data - Apex Smart Technology

Apex provides security for data with a range a products with UK government and MoD approved secure containers, information security solutions, locks and locking systems and document tracking.

Over the years, Apex has complemented its secure (Government Approved) server racks and work stations with advanced technology.  We are constantly upgrading our offerings in line with customer requirements and include:

Server Racks

data security

Security Systems

Government approved locking system
Internal cameras
Door sensors
Individual lockable compartment units
Server tagging and location locking
data airflow

Air Flow management

Between flow fan trays
Cable management systems
Correct length cable systems
Blanking plates
Shaped (custom) air flow improvement plates
Condition Sensors

Condition Sensors



Smart PDU
Remote power monitoring
Limit setting (with mobile alarm capability)
Phased remote shutdown
Graphic representation of possible future failure

Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
Capable of running critical operations until repair commences 

Automatic Transfer Switch
Transfers power from mains to UPS backup instantly to avoid any operational failure

The essence of this integrated high-tech solution is to promote efficiency, provide enhanced security and limit or eliminate catastrophic failures.

(One of the other advantages of power monitoring in a multi-user rack is to record power consumption of each server for charging purposes.)



Apex has developed a high level secure workstation that can be tailored to meet individual customer needs.  The Steel welded powder coated unit is flexible in its design and includes:-

Integrated 3 way door locking and push down LED screens

Optimum space utilisation

  Fold back doors
  Slides for Keyboard, Printer, Shredder, Computer
  Lockable filing cabinet
  Ergonomic working area

Modular construction options
  Laptop storage
  Multi wraparound screens
  Flat (horizontal screens)

Configurable screens for Multi users or Conference calls

Each workstation can be configured for:
  Remote access power monitoring – SMART PDU
  Power failure – UPS & ATS

LED lights can be fitted to enable stand-alone operation

Given the modular design and Apex’s ability to configure units to meet customer requirements, this unit can be developed to operate in very demanding environments.

When operating from home, workstations can be linked with direct communication software
Cameras at all levels can be integrated into the system
Laptop tracking system can be integrated
Units can have Tempest level storage incorporated
Security and protection systems for Government Furniture, CPNI, SEAP