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With over 50 years of specialist experience delivering highly tailored and bespoke security solutions, for Government Departments, MOD and local authorities as well as a multitude of commercial, healthcare and public service organisations. 

Apex Security has built up a huge portfolio of clients and case studies of which just some are featured below for you to explore.
Valley View Day Care Centre

Refurbishment of existing steel kitchens

At Valley View Day Care Centre, a previous steel kitchen installation was already showing signs of serious failure despite being less than two years old. Several drawers had collapsed and were unusable, and some of the door hinges had broken meaning doors were hanging dangerously or would not open or close properly.

The local authority were extremely concerned and yet reluctant to call in the original supplier because of previous poor experiences and the fact that any replacements would only be of similar quality.

Having used and been delighted with Apex Heavy Duty Steel Kitchens previously, refurbishment packs were ordered and installed to replace all doors and drawers. The whole kitchen is now back in use, looking as new and with all components being heavy-duty; the refurbished units will be able to cope well with the challenging environment of vigorous daily use.

Moreover, with the original units and worktops still in place, obtaining a new look upgraded kitchen is far less expensive than total replacement especially important these days when budgets are so tight. Apex refurbishment packs will work just as effectively on kitchens with wooden or MDF type base units.
Apex produces a complete range of quality components to replace any doors or drawers on existing kitchens meaning not only can you have a heavy-duty upgraded kitchen at a fraction of the price of a new one, but also your kitchen can take on a whole new look by using new handles and modern colours on the new components.
103 Bryanston Square

Installation of MISO 2000 glazing reduces external noise

London is a busy capital, with traffic running 24 hours a day. If you are unfortunate enough to have a busy thoroughfare outside your bedroom windows, you could be in for many sleepless nights.

This was the case in Bryanston Square, W1 where all the residents living on the front elevation of one of the blocks suffered excessive night time traffic noise. The building has listed status meaning that existing single glazed windows cannot be changed and architectural appearance must be maintained.
MISO 2000 offered a unique solution, meaning that all front facing windows could be double glazed from internally, resulting in no requirement for scaffolding and leaving the outward architecture of the building unchanged.

As an added benefit, not only is external noise almost eliminated, the thermal efficiency of the windows is vastly improved with U values down to 1.6Wm-²K°-¹ so rooms are far warmer and more comfortable as well as reducing the energy bill for the properties.
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